Bob Smith Award

Hobart District Basketball Association was established in 1990 and Bob Smith was the inaugural Senior Men’s Vice President.

From that year until his passing in 1999 Bob led the way in commitment, passion and the number of volunteer hours he contributed to the club.  Over this period Bob raised thousands of dollars for the club – particularly through pub meat raffles. Every Saturday for the whole year Bob would sell tickets. Bob regularly came up with donations for other functions.

Bob also coached the Division 3 men’s team and was a major recruiter through his Hobart Technical College teams and his involvement in other rosters.  Bob was loyal and selfless and never stopped giving for the club. Bob never sought recognition, his joy came through seeing the club grow and the players achieve on court success.

The Phoenix Basketball Club is proud to recognise Bob through the presentation of the Bob Smith Memorial Award for unselfish service to the club.


  • 2017     Adrian Crespan & Allen Stennings
  • 2016     Tim McShane
  • 2015     Adrian Crespan
  • 2014     Matt Hargrave & Jenny Sparks
  • 2013     Jenny Sparks
  • 2012     Adrian Giusti
  • 2011     Rhys Hauler
  • 2010     Kelsey Bond
  • 2009     Sascha Stephens
  • 2008     Danni Lockley
  • 2007     Denis Lockley
  • 2006     Michael Blake
  • 2005     Phil Boulter