Season 2024 Registrations Open!
Team vs Grading Registration

You must register separately for the Team you have been assigned to AND again for the Grading Tournament you have been assigned to.

Registering for one DOES NOT register you for the other; you must register for each.

Important Information for the Domestic Season Competition (2024)

A Message from the Board

We wanted to take the opportunity to update you on some important changes to the Domestic Competition for 2024.

Recent changes in playing conditions by Basketball Tasmania, capping numbers of representative teams will impact on the Domestic competitions. Whilst this may improve the standard of the play, it may impact our capacity to meet demand in the Western Basketball Conference (WBC). As a result, the WBC has decided that it will have up to three divisions in each age group to ensure that we have an even competition and avoid some of the one-sided games we saw in 2023. There will be some restrictions on the number of teams each club is able to enter each age group of the WBC roster.

With the ever-increasing numbers of players wanting to play basketball Hobart Phoenix have reviewed our selection processes for 2024. Please find our selection principles below:

1. Where existing, friendship-based teams wish to continue in 2024, we will support them to enter under the Hobart Phoenix banner, this will not be supported beyond 2024,

2. 2024 selections will be merit based, considering skill, attitude, behaviour, and commitment,

3. All teams require a coach. Whilst every endeavour is made to source coaches, we strongly encourage you to consider coaching, or help us find a coach for your child’s team.

If your child is selected and you would be interested in taking on a coaching role (support is available) please contact Chris Symons on

Finally, we would like to remind families that this is your club, which is run by volunteers. To ensure our ongoing success and sustainability, we ask families to contribute through a number of ways including coaching, bench duty, committee roles just to name a few. Please expect us to seek your support throughout the season. Our success depends on it.

2024 Player Fees

Age Grouping Total Fees Due Per Player
U10 $340.00
U12 Domestic $365.00
U12 Shield $375.00
U12 Championship $375.00
U14 Domestic $405.00
U14 Shield $415.00
U14 Championship $415.00
U16 Domestic $405.00
U16 Shield $415.00
U16 Championship $415.00
U18 Domestic $405.00
U18 Shield $415.00
U18 Championship $415.00
Womens Shield $330.00
Mens Shield $415.00
Womens Champ $350.00
Mens Champ $425.00

Prompt payment of player fees is critical to the effective running of the club, however we do recognise that individual circumstance may make full upfront payment of fees difficult. For these exceptions the club is happy to assist by offering payment plans.

TJJJBL Team Registrations

Please Note: For those players registering for a second team, there will be an “additional team fee” but you must first register with full fees for your primary team.

Select the ‘Additonal Team Fee’ from the dropdown during the PlayHQ registration process.

When registering for a second team, a warning message will present alerting you to an existing registration; please ignore this warning and click ‘Continue’.

U12 Team Registrations

U14 Team Registrations

U16 Team Registrations

U18 Team Registrations

U22 Team Registrations

Senior Team Registrations

Basketball is one of the top five sports in the world, in terms of participation around the world, and in Australia. Unlike some other popular team sports, Basketball has been played by both male and female athletes at the highest levels for a number of years, with significant opportunities to play at junior and senior levels for all athletes.

Hobart Phoenix Basketball Association provides opportunities for athletes to play basketball from early ages, right through to senior competitions. As a Basketball Tasmania CAM, Hobart Phoenix Basketball Association participates in the Basketball Tasmania senior and junior competitions as well as providing opportunities to play basketball at a domestic level.

Even if playing basketball isn’t necessarily your thing, Hobart Phoenix Basketball Association provides opportunities to participate and develop your skills in a variety of ways, including umpiring and bench officiating.

Want to get involved? Contact Us or email:


There are two primary junior leagues that Hobart Phoenix Basketball Association (The Club) participate in:

Tasmania Junior Basketball League (TJBL)

Tasmania Junior Basketball League (TJBL) is intended for junior players (u12s – u18s) that are wishing/selected to play at the representative level. Players at the representative level are selected into teams via a competitive try out selection process and are committed to their development through attending training and selected tournaments during the season.

There are two levels of representative basketball Championship and Shield. Basketball Tasmania administer the competition with games played on a Saturday (Boy’s) and Sunday (Girl’s) and are held at Kingston Sports Centre.

The TJBL season runs from March to August. Training and game day coaching will be led by a coaching representative appointed by the club.

Western Basketball Conference (WBC)

The Western Basketball Conference (WBC) runs as a partnership between Hobart Phoenix, Glenorchy Basketball Association and Kingborough Huon Basketball Association. The WBC is a league for junior players (u10s – u18s) that are wishing/selected to play at the domestic level. The WBC season runs from March to August with games across a range of western shore facilities.

Players at the domestic level are selected into teams based on a try out selection process that will consider the players ability, the evenness of the teams (where we have multiple teams in the same age group) and requests for friends to play together. Domestic basketball has a strong focus on participation and is typically suited for players who are new to the game, playing basketball as a secondary sport, or unable to commit to further development via attending training sessions.

The club will provide opportunities for domestic players to train; the club will also co-ordinate the appointment of team coaches noting that this may be dependent on a player parents stepping forward to undertake a coaching role, with support from the club.

Spring Roster

In addition to these primary rosters, Hobart Phoenix offers a short end of season Spring Roster. This roster is focussed on participation and runs for eight weeks commencing mid-September – Tuesdays (Girls) and Thursdays (Boy’s). The roster is run in partnership with Glenorchy Basketball Association and will provide venues, umpires and match managers.

Parents are responsible for the co-ordination and management of the team on a week to week basis. There is no club coaching, uniforms or training provided for this roster. The club is happy to receive expressions of interest from individuals and will attempt to place them into a team, however this will be done on a ‘best efforts’ basis. The club will refund registration fees for any player that we are unable to place.


Senior Team registrations for 2024 are open now!


AYC Men’s Basketball is the longest running, and premier Men’s social basketball competition in southern Tasmania.

The competition is run over two seasons per year:

Summer – January to June
Winter – July to December

The competition is played on Tuesday evenings at Moonah Sports Centre (17 Gormanston Road, Moonah) and currently caters for Division 1, 2 and 3 teams. Email for further information.