Document Title:  Hobart Phoenix Basketball Club Complaints Process
Created by:  Phoenix Basketball Club Committee of Management
Date of First Issue:  April 2022
Date of Last Review:  April 2022
Date of Next Review:  TBC


Hobart Phoenix Basketball Association (HPBA) supports everyone to participate in a safe environment, develop friendships and have fun.
No-one, regardless of circumstance, should be subjected to discrimination, harassment, or abuse.

If you believe this behaviour has occurred, we encourage you to make a complaint as per this procedure.

    This procedure includes the following options:

    Early Resolution

    Sorting the matter out yourself, in line with agreed code of conduct.
    Dealing with the matter informally directly with the other party, in line with the code of conduct, is often the most effective and efficient way of progressing/resolving the issue.

    Internal Review

    If the matter remains unresolved then it is lodged with complaints officer- with resolution agreed- in line with procedural fairness principles and relevant code of conduct.

    Process may include:

    • Informal discussions with the other party
    • Mediated conversations
    • Disciplinary sanctions
    • Referral to external agency (see below)

    External Review

    Escalate to the next level if you remain unhappy with the outcome of the internal review or the matter cannot be resolved at this level- external review may be directed to:

    • Basketball Tasmania
    • Tasmania Police
    • Child Protection
    • anti-discrimination
    • Tasmanian ombudsmen

    Generally, you have some choice in how you would like your complaint dealt with. In some cases, though, the HPBA may have a ‘duty of care’ or statutory obligation to act, irrespective of how you would like the complaint handled (eg if a child is believed at risk of harm, a criminal act is suspected).

    The Role of the Member Protection Information Officer

    An MPIO is the first point of contact for persons (within a club/association) considering making a complaint. The MPIO provides confidential, impartial and timely information and support and acts as a sounding board about complaint resolution options.

    The MPIO:

    • Listens
    • Is an impartial support person
    • Provides information about relevant policies
    • Can discuss (but not recommend) possible strategies available to resolve the matter
    • Provide contact information for official complaints, counselling or other referrals

    The MPIO does not:

    • Take sides
    • Give advice to complainants
    • Intervene
    • Investigate
    • Breach confidentiality 
    • Advocate
    • Make determinations in relation to complaints

    Contact a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) if you wish to discuss the matter (ie where to complain, what to expect, where to get help). All basketball Clubs are required to have an MPIO. If an MPIO is not available, then contact the HPBA Board C/- President.

    Where to Complain 

    You can direct complaints to:

    • Member Protection Information Officer – see below for HPBA MPIO’s
    • Complaints Officer – 
    • HPBA Board C/- President – 
    • Child Protection Authority (this is a legal requirement) if you are worried that a child  is at risk
    • Tasmania’s Anti-discrimination Agency – if the issue is discrimination or harassment
    • Tasmania Police if the issue is physical assault or you require their assistance

    If you’re not satisfied with the way the complaint’s been handled or you’re unhappy with the outcome, you may be able to either lodge an appeal or direct the complaint to Basketball Tasmania.

    HPBA Member Protection Information Officers

    Name –  Matt McIver  0488 700 420

    Name –  Chris Symons  0408 075 734

    What to expect

    Discrimination, harassment and inappropriate or unfair behaviour do not support a positive, club culture.
    Therefore, HPBA will endeavour to:

    • Take all complaints seriously and act promptly
    • Listen to both sides of the story
    • Treat people fairly (e.g. not take sides and focus on the facts)
    • Keep everyone informed
    • Maintain confidentiality
    • Take disciplinary action appropriate to the breach of policy
    • Make sure the person complaining is not victimised

    If you decide to make a Complaint you can generally expect to be:

    • Identified (but only to the person against whom you are making the complaint, the rest of the Club will not be told)
    • Requested to support your complaint by providing information about the incident – e.g., what, where and when the behaviour occurred and what you did at the time the contact details of any witnesses any evidence or documents (eg emails, text messages)
    • Protected from victimisation (eg the Club may move the person you’re complaining about to another position while the investigation is underway).

    Where to get help

    Although the HPBA will deal with complaints, external help is available. Irrespective of whether you have a complaint, you’re responding to a complaint, or someone has complained about you, you can get information and external support from a range of agencies.

    • Human Rights, Equal Opportunity, and Anti-Discrimination Agencies
    • Child Protection Agencies
    • Police
    • Community legal and mediation services
    • State departments of sport and recreation