In light of the challenge COVID-19 is presenting everyone across the world, we are all experiencing an unprecedented situation with restrictions and interruptions to our daily life including school, work and sporting activities.

At Hobart Phoenix, with the suspension of all basketball activities for the foreseeable future we are missing deeply the opportunity to help you and your families stay active and the joy it brings us to see you enjoying the sport we all love, BASKETBALL.

Eventually this situation will end, the world will recover, normal life will resume, and we’ll all be able to get back out there and play some hoops.

In the meantime though, join us and stay connected, stay stimulated and stay in shape, with FIT FOR PHOENIX.

FIT FOR PHOENIX is simple:

  1. Get out in the backyard, the garage, the driveway, your local park (within government guidelines recently set out) or wherever you choose to play some hoops, to do a workout or have a run around.
  2. Do your thing.
  3. Take a video clip or photo of the action.
  4. Send it in to our Facebook page, with #FITFORPHOENIX.


To help, our experienced coaches have put together some resources for you to use to help you structure your workouts, shootarounds and skill sessions, and track your progress.




Basketball Improvement Program – a range of basketball drills, shooting drills (if you have access to a basket), ball drills and running. The running times are aimed at 14/15 year olds so please adjust as required.



Fitness Program – core strength and agility. This needs to be completed 3 times per week and also adjusted for the younger players. No weights should be used for players U14 years of age.



Ladder Drills –  foot speed is critical for playing basketball on both ends of the floor. These can be completed on the driveway by drawing a ladder with chalk.



Fitness Program Record – if you want to track your child’s progress it can be done on this sheet.


Have fun, good luck and we look forward to seeing and hearing about your progress!!