Document Title:  Hobart Phoenix Basketball Club Code of Conduct – Parent/Guardians
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This document is to be used to clearly establish the expected levels of behaviour of all parents and/or guardians of any individual participating in any Basketball Tasmania affiliated team and/or event.

Basketball Tasmania’s Codes of Conduct are reinforced by the following core beliefs and values.

– To act within the rules and spirit of our sport.

– To display respect and courtesy towards everyone involved in our sport and prevent discrimination and harassment.

– To prioritise the safety and well-being of all individuals involved in our sport.

– To encourage and support opportunities for participation in all aspects of our sport.

Our mission:

  • To be a leading, professional and accountable sport, recognised for our state-led and delivered community programs. 
  • To be a gender equal, all abilities, engaging sport with defined pathways for all. 
  • To develop competitive, high-quality state and national level players, coaches and officials.

Our vision:

  • Basketball is the sport of choice for Tasmanians. 

Our culture:

Basketball Tasmania recognises our people as our greatest asset and commits to a culture of: 

Unity | Integrity | Inclusion | Innovation 

Unity: We work together with a shared purpose and vision. 

Integrity: We’re respectful and professional in our conduct. 

Inclusive: Sport for everyone, we’re stronger for our diversity. 

Innovation: We’re improving, learning and driving change. 

  • As a parent/guardian, I will abide by all rules governing Basketball Tasmania events.

This includes rules enforced by both Basketball Tasmania, Basketball Australia and the relevant venue and/or competition.

  • I understand that Basketball Tasmania and Basketball Australia share a zero-tolerance approach towards abuse. 

Abuse of any kind towards any individual is not permitted, and the offending individual may be prohibited from any further participation in Basketball Tasmania events.

  • I understand that the use of obscenities at any time is prohibited.
  • I understand that my child is part of a collaborative team.

As such, I acknowledge that all decisions are made in the best interest of the team and not the individual.

  • I will endeavour to demonstrate good sportsmanship.

I acknowledge that this applies throughout all Basketball Tasmania events.

  • I agree to respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants.

I acknowledge that this applies to all individuals regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background and/or religion.

  • I acknowledge that I am responsible for my child’s participation in teams participating in Basketball Tasmania events. 

I will endeavour to respond to Basketball Tasmania emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

  • I acknowledge that at times, my child will be under the care and supervision of Basketball Tasmania. 

I will support Basketball Tasmania and all associated service providers to make decisions which are in the best interests of my child’s health and wellbeing.

  • I acknowledge that I am primarily responsible for satisfying the financial requirements of my child’s participation in Basketball Tasmania events. 

I agree to the terms of the Basketball Tasmania Code of Conduct and will endeavour to maintain financial compliance.

  • I will not intentionally submit false or misleading documentation.

I acknowledge that any individual who is determined to be operating under fraudulent or bad faith, may be removed from all Basketball Tasmania affiliated events and/or programs.

  • I acknowledge that whilst I am highly valued as an integral member of the team support network, I accept that as a parent, I am external to the coaching infrastructure. 

I agree to support and co-operate with all team officials including, but not limited to coaches, managers, Basketball Tasmania staff and other parents.

Basketball Tasmania Representative State Teams

  • I authorise Basketball Tasmania team officials to administer to my son/daughter the best-qualified medical care available.  

In the event that it is considered necessary for this care to include any treatment which involves additional costs including, but not limited to ambulance, x-rays, hospitalisation, anaesthetic administration, transfusion and/or physiotherapy, I agree to accept the cost of these treatments and will reimburse Basketball Tasmania for all expenses on completion of the trip.

  • I absolve Basketball Tasmania team officials and Basketball Tasmania from all liability.

Whilst the utmost care will be taken, I acknowledge that Basketball Tasmania team officials are not liable should any accident and/or injury occur.

  • I acknowledge that whilst on tour, all members of the touring party will remain under the supervision of team officials. 

Should the situation arise in which a team member is found to be causing a disturbance and/or wilfully disobeying Basketball Tasmania team officials, the offending individual may be prohibited from further participation in the relevant event. Pending approval from Basketball Tasmania, that individual may be placed on the first available return flight home and notification will be sent to the relevant parent/guardian. The offending player will also be responsible for any additional costs which are incurred.

  • I acknowledge that I am financially responsible for my son/daughter’s involvement in Basketball Tasmania teams and/or programs.

Should a player be removed from a team by Basketball Tasmania or voluntarily withdrawn from the team by his/her parents, the responsibility for payment of items which cannot be cancelled, including but not limited to uniforms, registration etc, will remain with the player and parents.