Document Title:  Hobart Phoenix Basketball Club Code of Conduct – Referees and Technical Officials
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This document is to be used to clearly establish the expected levels of behaviour of all officials, including referees, score bench officials, technical officials, match managers and all individuals involved in the officiating and/or management of any Basketball Tasmania affiliated team and/or event.

Basketball Tasmania’s Codes of Conduct are reinforced by the following core beliefs and values.

– To act within the rules and spirit of our sport.

– To display respect and courtesy towards everyone involved in our sport and prevent discrimination and harassment.

– To prioritise the safety and well-being of all individuals involved in our sport.

– To encourage and support opportunities for participation in all aspects of our sport.

Our mission:

  • To be a leading, professional and accountable sport, recognised for our state-led and delivered community programs. 
  • To be a gender equal, all abilities, engaging sport with defined pathways for all. 
  • To develop competitive, high-quality state and national level players, coaches and officials.

Our vision:

  • Basketball is the sport of choice for Tasmanians. 

Our culture:

Basketball Tasmania recognises our people as our greatest asset and commits to a culture of: 

Unity | Integrity | Inclusion | Innovation 

Unity: We work together with a shared purpose and vision. 

Integrity: We’re respectful and professional in our conduct. 

Inclusive: Sport for everyone, we’re stronger for our diversity. 

Innovation: We’re improving, learning and driving change. 

  1. I will interpret rules and regulations fairly and in accordance with the needs of participants.
    Rules are enforced in the interests of player safety; however, some do allow for interpretation. Where necessary, the age and skill level of the players involved should be considered. Consistency in interpretation, communication and execution is strongly encouraged.
  2. I will acknowledge the efforts of both teams and all individuals involved.
    At the conclusion of each game, both sides and all individuals should be congratulated on their efforts. If there has been an issue during play which requires addressing, ensure that it is performed in a constructive manner.
  3. I will be consistent, objective and respectful when officiating.
    In the interests of encouraging equality and fairness, ensure that all officiating is performed with a high level of objectivity and with minimal bias.
  4. I will promote fair play, good sportsmanship and an appropriate level of behaviour.
    Good sportsmanship and fair play should be encouraged, whilst poor behaviour and bad sportsmanship should be discouraged.
  5. I will ensure that my behaviour is consistent with the principles of good sportsmanship.
    Individuals involved with officiating must always maintain a high level of honesty and integrity. Referees and technical officials are expected to lead by example.
  6. I will keep my basketball knowledge current.
    Individuals involved with officiating should endeavour to maintain a high level of familiarity with modern officiating principles and practices, as well as encouraging growth and development. This can be improved and/or achieved by increasing attendance at trainings and games, as well as remaining familiar with rule changes etc.
  7. I will provide assistance with the education process.
    Help players to learn the game and to become familiar with the rules. Provide assistance and clarity to those individuals who do not understand the rules.  Should a misunderstanding be shared by a team, consult with the coach/team officials to promote greater understanding.
  8. I will always present myself in a respectful manner.
    Ensure that your appearance in exemplary including, but not limited to demeanour, uniform, cleanliness, behaviour and physical appearance.
  9. I will always respect the facilities and equipment provided.
    Encourage players to behave responsibly and strongly discourage players from engaging in any behaviour which is considered dangerous and/or illegal. Any practice which risks injury and/or destruction of property should be discouraged.
  10. If under the age of 18, I will not consume alcohol and/or prohibited drugs.  If over the age of 18, I will not consume alcohol in the presence of or within sight of any competing player, coach or team management (official functions excluded), nor partake or remain in the presence of others who are using prohibited drugs.