As a result of the easing of restrictions related to COVID19 by the state and federal governments, Basketball Tasmania has given the green light for basketball training activities to resume.

Details relating to the Basketball Tasmania and Basketball Australia ‘Return to Sport’ guidelines are contained below:

Basketball Tasmania COVID-19 Return to Sport May 2020

Basketball Australia information

For information regarding the BIO Security Officer Position, please click HERE. For further information email Josh Cunningham (



For information regardIng training times, days and the competition for 2020, click HERE.

The general requirements for the current phase (ORANGE 20) are:

  • If a player or coach or someone in their family is ill no one from this household is to attend training until this person has recovered.
  • Players are not permitted to bring their own basketball to training – Only balls provided by the club can be used in the gym.
  • Toilets to be cleaned daily (school responsibility) and to be used as toilet only.
  • Court and surrounds must be cleaned daily (school responsibility).
  • Need to appoint BIO Security Officer/s (Must be one present for each session and cannot be the coach if there is only one coach for the session).
  • Must have hand sanitiser (club to provide):
    • At the door.
    • On scorebench
  • Cleaning before/after each session (BIO Security Officer responsibility):
    • Clean scorebench
    • Clean scoreboard control
    • Clean basketballs (suggest only use balls at stadium, don’t let players bring their own)
  • Players must enter through the side door and exit through the main door (entry and exits must be separated).
  • COVID19 posters to be provided.
  • Maximum 20 players on court per team session. Non-contact only (ie no scrimmaging).
  • Maximum of 3 support staff (coach, manager, BIO security officer).
  • No spectators – Parents can attend if required for U10 or U12. Parents not to attend for age groups above U12.
  • Players arrive no earlier than 10 mins before session. Players advised to wait in their car or outside until session start time. No congregating in the gym or hallway.
  • 10 minute break between sessions.
  • No handshakes or high-fives etc.
  • Players are encouraged to shower (at home) immediately before and after any activity.


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